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Rescote FT

When time is money Rescote Fast Track is the ultimate saving tool. Based on Methyl Methacrylate resins and selected fillers, this system not only saves time but is an extremely hard wearing seamless system. The system is available in a variety of colours and finishes.

Rescote –FT:

  • Full cure within 60 minutes
  • Monolithic and seamless
  • Non-slip or smooth
  • Wear and abrasion resistant
  • Can be installed in temperatures up to -20 C
  • 2 mm coating

Rescote –FT is ideal for environments such as:

  • Wine cellars
  • Fruit manufacture & packaging facilities
  • Fish processing & packaging
  • Warehousing
  • Cold stores
  • Food processing facilities
  • Fast moving consumer goods outlets
  • Industrial and commercial kitchens
  • Poultry industries
  • Dairy industries
  • Abattoirs
  • Heavy duty areas
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